I am Thankful – an impromptu poem written during naptime

I am thankful

Although it’s not really easy

and I don’t really have the time

but I appreciate so many of you

that  I tried to make this rhyme.


For my husband who is my other half

he lets me sleep in on the weekend

buys me a snack every night

and kills spiders early in the am.


For my kids, one who just fell and broke his arm

but he doesn’t complain and is a joy

and a big help to his twin brothers

I try to remember that when I feel annoyed.


To my mom who’s fighting cancer

and struggling with a lot

but she’s my best friend so she’ll win

let’s not give stupid cancer another thought.


To my dad

who knows how to fix anything around

for being so strong for my mom and family

for smiling when he probably wants to frown.


For my brother who is a punk

just kidding he’s pretty neat

he’ll drop what he’s doing if you need help

in the time of a single heartbeat.


For Ally, Shannon, Katie,

Kelly, and Michael,

thanks for being my friend

even if I’m sometimes a handful.


For my in laws and cousins

and uncles and aunts

And anyone I forgot

I’m writing this quick, you still count!


So while your eating your turkey

I hope you stop and remember

that someone is thinking of you

on this Thursday in November.


Love you all.  Happy Thanksgiving.