Clean Sweep Review


Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Title:  Clean Sweep

Author:  Ilona Andrews

Published:  2013 by Ilona Andrews, Inc.

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

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Dina’s not sure whether to intervene or not when her neighbors’ dogs are being killed by what seems to be some sort of paranormal creature.  Being an innkeeper, she is just supposed to take care of the inn and her guests and stay out of other paranormal affairs.  Plus the new werewolf in town, Sean, should be the one taking care of this sort of problem.  After all, werewolves are very territorial.  But when approached, Sean doesn’t seem intent to take care of it.  In fact, he acts like a jerk.  Decision made, Dina decides to find out what is killing these dogs, and it’s more then she expected.  Will werewolf Sean decide to help Dina or just get in her way?

Urban fantasy is a pretty cool genre.  Its fantasy that’s set in the modern day world we all know.  And if the author is good it’s believable because its setting is what we’re used to day in and day out.  And Ilona Andrews is a great author.  Who knows, maybe I have a werewolf and innkeeper as neighbors?

Anyways, Dina is a great protagonist.  She is a bit alone in the world though.  Her parents and their inn were lost (we don’t know what happened).  Dina does still have her siblings but they don’t live nearby and aren’t really in the story.  Although she’s alone she is confident and knows her job as an innkeeper.  She decides she’s had enough of her neighbors’ dogs being murdered and decides to do something about it.  In real life, I’d like to be Dina’s friend.   She’s a take charge kind of girl.

In the mist of finding this horrible creature and solving her neighborhood’s problems, she also gets to know Sean a little more.  And a vampire also makes an appearance.  Sounds like Twilight the way I’m describing it, but it’s not similar at all.  However, the vampire and werewolf are definitely attracted to Dina…

I’m pretty sure Ilona Andrews doesn’t know how to write a bad story.  So if you like urban fantasy, or if it’s something that you’re thinking about, pick up a copy of Clean Sweep.  Plus, I’m pretty sure it will keep you entertained, as would her other books as well.

Happy reading!


My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars



*****I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.*****

2 thoughts on “Clean Sweep Review

  1. I agree, Urban Fantasy is really a cool genre. I love how it integrates the modern world into the paranormal word. It’s like you’re getting half of everything.

    This one sounds like my favorite kind of UF. Even though werewolf and vampire stories have been done for countless of times already, I still love reading them. And bravo to Dina for being take charge kind of protagonist. I always love it when they’re in control.

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