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Image from author's facebook page

Image from author’s facebook page

Title:  Ex Umbris: Step Into the Light

Author:  Gregory Peterson

Published:  February 28, 2013 by BookBaby

Genre:  Science Fiction, Fantasy

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Ex Umbris is a story that follows Arro, an angel of death tasked by the Fates of ancient Greece with bringing a small girl’s life to an end. When Arro becomes fed up with the constant death that consumes his life, he goes on the run with the very girl he is supposed to kill. Both learn from each other and a wide array of characters from various mythologies and religions. Arro must learn to stand up to his masters while vowing to protect his new friend. With an army of angels of death on their trail, Arro disobeys orders from the Fates, and seeks guidance from other outcasts from mythologies around the world. (Taken from Amazon.com)


Since the beginning of time I have known one thing. Death. Death is all that defines my kind. The torture of this knowledge runs deep within my veins. We were created for that one morbid purpose. We have always been here, lurking in the shadows. Every creature’s biggest fear. We have gone by many names: reapers, death bringers, angels of death. Every culture knows and fears us. Gods and religions have come and gone, but we remain, ever vigilant of our duties. We serve death, culling the flock when called upon. To say one does not fear death is a lie, a lie almost as dreadful as myself. I lie here in the darkness awaiting the next calling. Waiting, thinking, yearning for release.  The darkness bites at me like a winter frost. My limbs are numb. I do not know how much time has passed since I was last released into the night. Days…months…years. I hear the writhing and growling of the others, restless as I am with this torturous existence. This cold, dark hell in which we were born unto.

I can feel it in my bones. The rage in me grows little by little. Release will come soon, and I will perform my duty with deadly precision. The gathering of the souls will commence. The ones chosen by our masters will be brought to their knees, their souls harvested. Such is the way of life. Life for all mortals. A life in which I would give anything for. Release from this torture. I crave it. I am unlike many of the others who have embraced this cold existence, reveling in the culling. The path they walk has delved them into a maddening bloodlust. They create unique and disastrous ways to kill, relishing each soul as a trophy. Our kind has fallen from grace over the years. We were once proud, understanding of our role. We are a dark necessity on an otherwise bright world. How far we have fallen.

The cold night air calls to me. My whole body shudders in anticipation. The shadows surrounding my body writhe in the darkness. I need to stretch my wings. As my vision turns from black to red, I lick my lips in anticipation. I do not take joy in killing. Not yet anyway. That is a darkness I hope to never experience. I do what I must, as it is the way of things. The hunt and kill is the price I must pay for one night, one night of freedom. Soon enough, I will stretch my wings and soar under the moon. The bite of the cold night air against my skin is invigorating. I will collect my souls and return to the void where I make my home. Waiting. Thinking. Hoping. One day. One day I will step into the light. This is my existence and that small shred of hope is all that I possess.

The time for dreams is done now. I will spread my wings and join the night sky. I will hunt my targets and fulfill their destiny. These unfortunate souls have completed their journeys on this world, and I must keep the story moving. The call is placed. Their voices fill my head, echoing throughout my skull. It is time.

About the Author:

Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Gregory has always enjoyed reading and writing. Since he was very little, he would read books on Greek and Egyptian mythology. Focusing his degree in cultural Anthropology,Gregory used his background to write Ex Umbris: Step Into the Light. Gregory also has many works of poetry published, and is currently working on a sequel to Ex Umbris. Gregory has also acted and written many short films. He also won the “Best Use of Character” award for the New Hampshire 48 Hour Film Project for his work on the short “Anatomically Incorrect”. Gregory has always been interested in mythology and ancient religions from around the world and plans on incorporating more cultures and stories into the second Ex Umbris book.


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