Feature & Follow Friday #FF #26 – To change a plot or perhaps not?

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This weeks question: Change the Plot. If you could, what book would you change the ending or a plot thread? Go ahead and do it…change it.

Yeah, I would make the main characters in the Mortal Instrument series not brother and sister!!!!!  lol.  I actually stopped after the first book, but wonder if I’d feel differently if it ended different.

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19 thoughts on “Feature & Follow Friday #FF #26 – To change a plot or perhaps not?

  1. I’m an old follower via Bloglovin’ 🙂
    If that’s the reason you stopped reading the series I recommend you go back and read the rest of the books. I won’t say more than that though because I don’t want to ruin it.

  2. I totally feel the same way!!! I stopped the after the first book too the brother and sister thing is kind of gross even if it’s not true but I am thinking of picking up the series again because of all the hype there are many series which get infinitely better farther in hopefully this is one of them 🙂My FFF
    Rimsha@Ramblings of a Bookworm

  3. That really annoyed me about the books as well and although I kept reading, it still pissed me off because it was such a bizarre way of trying to stretch the romantic tension between the two for as long as possible! I chose New Moon! I’m a Bloglovin follower 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend
    My Friday Post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  4. I stopped after the first book too and I think it’s because I watched the movie…. =/
    I was kind of disappointed and I know I shouldn’t let that hinder my views on the books.
    Anyway, I know in the book it says they’re sister & brother but after watching the movie they threw a spoiler in there and said that they weren’t really. Sooo yea…I won’t be surprise if I read on that they’re not really related, that way they can remain each other’s love interests. (I’m guessing, and probably SOOOO RIGHT)
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    Happy Friday xoxo ♥

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