Fever Moon Review


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Title:  Fever Moon

Author:  Karen Marie Moning

Published:  July 2012 by Del Ray

Genre:  Paranormal, Graphic Novel

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I love all books by Karen Marie Moning.  If she writes it, I buy it.  I was eagerly anticipating this book so much and I was nowhere near a book store where it was sold on the release day!  No worries though, I found it at Barnes and Noble two days later.

This is only my second time reading a graphic novel (the first being The Exile by Diana Gabaldon).  While the characters were pictured differently in my mind, I still enjoyed it.  Actually though, by the time I finished reading it I couldn’t imagine the Fear Dorcha looking any different than he did in the novel.

This story was centered around Mac in the fever world, and you also got to see Dani, Barrons, Dreamy-eyed-guy, the Unseelie King, and a few others.  The illustrations were great; I love to see others’ perceptions of the characters.  My husband even walked by and said that he liked the pictures too.

So if you have read the Fever Series and need a little something to keep you satisfied until Iced comes out in October, satisfy your cravings with Fever Moon.


My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


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4 thoughts on “Fever Moon Review

  1. I’ve seen her books around but I don’t know if it’s for me. I am curious and is tempted to read some of her books. Have you read any books by Patricia Briggs, Laura K. Hamilton, and Kim Harrison? Are they comparable to her? If she is like Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison (heavy on plot an lite on romance/sex) I would enjoy her. If Moning is like Hamilton I would probably set the book on fire… so help?

    • I haven’t read anything by Hamilton or Harrison, but I love Patricia Briggs. I would say that Moning’s Fever Series (1st book is Darkfever) is definitely more focused on plot than romance/sex. It’s about a girl looking for her sister’s murderer. It’s urban fantasy, and seriously an unbelievable series. It’s a 5-book series, and I felt like each book got better. Some books there was sex, some there was none. But I would say to give it a try. Moning is one of my top two favorite authors. Stick to the Fever Series though. She also has a Highlander Series but that is more romance/sex. Let me know if you end up reading it and what you think!

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