Friday Fro-day

Happy Friday everyone!

No new books to review yet; I’m reading The Night Circus.  So far it’s really captivating but a bit dark too.

Today Dunkin Donuts somehow heard me say reduced fat strawberry cream cheese instead of plain.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience especially on a cinnamon raison bagel.

The husband has started a blog about his hair.  Yup – the fro.  Go over and show some love.



2 thoughts on “Friday Fro-day

  1. HA! I got a twitter follower with a “fro” name the other day and didn’t know who it was…now i know! awesome….

    • LOL. It was probably me, we share wordpress somehow and sometimes I accidentally am logged in as him. It’s worse when I comment on someone else’s book blog and his avatar comes up, him with a huge fro. haha.

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