FTC Disclosure

To put it as simple as can be, I receive no money or compensation in any form for any reviews that I write.  I review books that I own, take out from the library, or purchase myself.    In the event that I am approached to write a review from an author or publisher, please be informed that I accept a free copy of the book in exchange for a review of my honest opinion.  After I am done with the book and review, the book will be kept, given to a friend, or donated.

I work as a publicist and author assistant for Aurora Publicity, but have never (and will never) review the books for any of the authors that I represent. (I will occasionally post spotlights for their new releases, but that is entirely different from posting a review.)

A few years ago I worked for Booktrope Publishing.  On occasion I reviewed a title from the company, but I disclosed this in the review. I received no compensation for that review what so ever.  Also, I only reviewed books from Booktrope in which I received no monetary compensation from sales.

I have posted Book Spotlights, Sale Spotlights, New Release Spotlights on books that I DID receive profit from, but I disclosed that in the post.  However, I never have, and never will review a book that I receive profit from or for an author which I represent and am publicist/assistant to.