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Gothic Gates


Dante’s France Mansion. His business Franchise is ‘GOTH’. He Rules his world and the wealthy want INVITES to his Soiree’s. Head of the Board Meeting of 12 and he is the master number 13. He is filled with secrecy and plays Chess in the underground world of other private societies in the light dark power global games. His Love he has just found. Will she now enter his World of GOTH and cross the threshold into his Heart? He is ‘not a vampire’ but an IMMORTAL.

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Author Bio

Writing is ‘second nature’ to me.  It is and always has been easy for me to slide into those ‘other worlds’ of enchantment, a character’s mind, or a story that takes me on an Roshandra March - Gothic Gatesadventure into the realms of other dimensions.
I am deeply romantic and so much of my writing style opens the reader to the Eros Psyche myths and cosmic love.   The writing just FLOWS.
I also work with ‘energy, healing as a reiki master, a ‘seer’ and counselor for others and guide for spiritual paths and Ascension paradigm.’   I love to travel, love Mt.Shasta, adore Paris, France and my favorite sport is Dressage riding.   I ride an English Shire horse which is one of the sweetest breeds and a warrior horse of knights.  Also a very romantic horse that is huge and standards of strength in motion.
Some of my additional work takes me into haunted homes, historical estates and real estate.  I have done blogs for real estate regarding energy and feng shui which is also a business i have.  Clearly energy and spirit is part of my life and my way i Write.
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