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Traditions, mistletoe kisses and second chances… The Cajun Christmas on the Bayou Celebration is an annual event in the remote town of Fa La, Louisiana, nicknamed – Fa La La. It has supported generations of the families who live in the tiny, isolated bayou community. This year may be the last. Thanks to Hunter James who bought the neighboring island, they can no longer use his land for a major part of the celebration. The island is his home where he expects to find much needed peace and quiet. He doesn’t want Christmas lights, music and revelers on his land no matter what Fa La La’s beautiful advocate, Dr. Camille Comeaux, says as she tries to change his mind…and changes his heart.


Will Camille fight to steal Hunter’s peace so her family can have theirs?


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Hunt for Christmas is a fun contemporary romance Christmas novella. I love the cover. I’m used to cold, sometimes snowy winters, but even though this book takes place in Louisiana, the cover still screams Christmas to me, which is great. It just seems cozy and magical.

This was the first book I’ve read by Tina DeSalvo, and I enjoyed it. As you can see from the blurb, the town of Fa La La is really into having a huge Christmas celebration, but the new owner of one of the islands doesn’t want to let the community celebrate on his land,even though they’ve been using his island for many years.

Camille comes home to celebrate with her family for the season with her boyfriend (who is definitely not cut out for Louisiana). Camille learns about what Hunter is doing, and goes to try and change his mind, and along the way, an attraction between the two blossoms.

Camille’s boyfriend wasn’t my favorite character, but I think that was the point. 🙂

DeSalvo has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are in the story. I had no problem visualizing Louisiana and Hunter’s island at all.

This is a sweet Christmas novella, and one to read if you like short and sweet and happy ever afters.


***I won this book from a conference I attended.***


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