Insurgent Review

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Title:  Insurgent

Author:  Veronica Roth

Published:  May 1, 2012 by Katherine Tegen  Books

Genre:  Young Adult, Dystopia

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*This is the second book of the series (Divergent is the first), but this review is spoiler free for both books.


I read a lot.  I read very fast.  Therefore unless it is an exceptional book, the character’s names and the plots don’t always stick with me or they sometimes take a while to come back to mind.  I read the first book in this series, Divergent, back in January.  It took me less than two days and I rated it a four.  (Thank you for being an awesome website and letting me track my books so I don’t reread them, lol.)  I’ve also read a few dystopian books this year and wasn’t sure which series this belonged to until a few pages in.

So this is what I thought of the book; I thought it was a bit boring for the first eighty pages.  Then, it definitely picked up and I got into the story, but near the end I just wanted the book to end already.  I found myself getting annoyed with Tris and Tobias.  Tris kept making the same mistakes over and over again; her character just frustrated me.    I really didn’t feel like there was any personal growth or even growth within their relationship.

Although the story itself is good and well written, I just didn’t feel that emotional connection with the characters.  Because of that, I’m going to stop reading the series with this book.  It is a decent book, and if you read it I hope you enjoy it more than I did.



My Rating:  3 ½ out of 5 stars


Happy reading!





8 thoughts on “Insurgent Review

  1. I was afraid of this. The first book I thought was good, but could have used more work. But you put my suspicions out on the table… we shall see if it’ll put me into a rage like my more recent books that I have read.

    • Maybe you’ll like it better than me. 🙂 And I agree that the first book was good, but could have used an extra something or other.

  2. That the first 80 pages are boring does worry me, I am horrid at giving up sometimes. But then again I have not even read book 1 so I can’t say anything 😉

  3. Insurgent is sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. But for some reason I’m reluctant to start reading it. I guess it might be because sequels often don’t live up to the first installment, or that I’m just over reading series. I’ll still give it a go, eventually. Also I need to start using goodreads to track my reading, I’m hopeless at remember books I’ve read too.

    • I hear you on the sequels not always being as good as the first books. Sometimes I think authors should leave certain books as stand-alones. You should definitely try goodreads; before I used it I would reread certain books thinking that they seemed familiar. lol.

  4. I liked it but not as much as Divergent; it took me a while to remember how the first book ended. By the end though, I was back on board – I’m looking forward to the next book, but that’s because I love the trope that this one ended on.

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