Review: Project S.K.I.E.


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Selie is a normal teenage girl starting college in the year 2098 at Ashmore University located within White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia. While technology has advanced to incorporate artificial intelligence microchips, the worries of a teenage girl have not. Selie thought the worst she would be dealing with was hard tests and difficulty making new friends. Instead, she stumbles upon a ghastly discovery of missing students and illegal experiments. Just when she thinks she’s made a friend and meets a handsome boy who’s much more than he seems, her world is turned upside down and she soon realizes that she is no longer ordinary. Now, along with her newfound friends, her greatest worry is to find her missing classmate and stop others from falling victim.

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This was a great futuristic YA read. Selie is starting college away from her best friend and she’s trying to make new ones. I loved seeing her try to get past the awkwardness of making those first moves towards friendship in the dining hall. It’s something any of us can relate to.

It was neat to see all the advances Selie’s world has, from teleports to gadgets to holograms to video games (especially the video games!) The author explained everything in detail so you knew what the characters were talking about and how to visualize it. (Can I stay alive until 2098 to play one of those video games please?)  🙂

Selie faces some major challenges during her first year of college, (that’s all I”m saying, don’t want to give anything away) and I definitely thought her character gained confidence throughout the book. I also enjoyed her newly found group of friends, even though they were formed in a time of desperation, they definitely had each others back.

It’s funny, even though this is a futuristic science fiction novel, I totally felt like I was back in college myself!

Lastly, the cover! I love it! All in all, this was a really good young adult science fiction novel. If you’re looking to stretch your imagination and delve into the future, pick up a copy of Project S.K.I.E.!



***I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.***




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