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A Fighting Chance Cover


Former Marine Tyler Bradford just returned to his native Texas after a long stint overseas. As he’s driving home to see his family and meet his niece for the first time, another driver runs him off the road. When that car ends up in a pasture, Tyler’s rescue instincts kick in. He didn’t expect to find a sexy woman from Boston, and rescuing her wouldn’t be the only thing on his mind.

Tiffani was called back home to Texas to settle her deceased mother’s estate. It was the last place on earth she wanted to be. She’d put thousands of miles between her and her horrible childhood memories, and didn’t think she’d ever find herself back in the Lone Star State. A twist of fate put her in the path of Tyler Bradford and turned her life upside down. Again. Can she finally forgive herself for her troubled past, or will the stubborn walls she’s erected around her heart keep everything and everyone she’s ever cared about at arm’s length?

A Fighting Chance is the third book in the erotic romance Chances Are Series by C.D. Taylor.


Author Bio

C.D. Taylor began writing as an item to check off her bucket list. After putting words on paper, she decided that being an author was where she needed to be. She resides on a CDAuthorPicfarm in southern Illinois with her husband, son and a plethora of animals. Taylor is a huge kid at heart. She loves playing practical jokes, challenging her son to a game of Super Mario and rarely rolls out of bed before noon. She enjoys dancing, is perpetually clumsy and has a horrible green thumb. Taylor believes that if you work hard, you must play even harder.


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Our Second Chance Release Book Blitz

Our Second Chance


Our Second Chance by C.D. Taylor
(Come Back to Me #1)
Published by: Booktrope Publishing
Genres: Erotica, Romance


Our Second Chance by Author C.D. Taylor is a tale of forgiveness, redemption, and love. It demonstrates how the power of healing can strengthen the bond between family, friends, and lovers.

Emily Mills lives a life of opulence and luxury in Los Angeles but can’t shake the feeling that there is something more out there for her. It isn’t the picture perfect life her social circles expect and she knows something is missing. Unwilling to let happiness be a distant wish, she boards a plane to chase her dreams of becoming a lawyer in New York City. It doesn’t take long for her past to reappear with her former best friend from college, Jake Bradford. Knowing the feelings she’s held for Jake all these years, she still tries to convince herself that she isn’t worthy of any sort of love from him. Conceding to a fraction of her desire, Emily strikes a deal with Jake to become steamy friends with benefits. Soon her passionate bond with him turns out to be way more intense than she expects and she finds herself wishing her emotional scars didn’t rear their ugly head and destroy everything she’s worked for.

Can Emily forgive herself and those who have hurt her in the past to become the person she knows she can be? Or will the roadblocks in front of her cause her to make the decision to run like she’s been doing most of her life? Book 1 of this thrilling new 3-book series will leave you panting for more and cheering for second chances.

C.D. Taylor began writing as an item to check off her bucket list. She resides in the CDAuthorPicsouthernmost part of Illinois, right on the mighty Mississippi river. She enjoys the quiet country life with her husband, son and the many farm animals that make up the rest of the family. C.D. decided that farm life was just a little too mundane, so she started writing erotica to spice things up, so far so good. C.D. entered cosmetology school right out of High School and practiced the art of hair styling for 12 years. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found sitting around a table making people laugh. She has always wanted to be a standup comic. She loves pulling practical jokes, dresses up in a costume every Halloween and believes that dancing is the key to a happy life (even if you aren’t a good dancer). She believes that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, we will never get out alive anyway. More than anything, C.D. is a kid at heart, she doesn’t believe in bedtimes, eating everything on her plate, or having ice cream only for dessert. Her favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss…”Why fit in, when you were born to stand out.”
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Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Box Set Review


Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Title:  Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Box Set

Authors:  Ava Lore, Terry Towers, Anna Antonia, Amy Aday, Selena Kitt, Nelle L’Amour, Tawny Taylor, Dez Burke, and Marian Tee

Published:  October 2013 by Excessica

Genre:  Erotica

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***This box set contains mature themes, as does this review, and is intended for audiences ages 18 and over.***


This is my first review about a box set!  When I started out reading this I was pleasantly surprised.  I guess I thought because it was advertised so cheap on amazon for ten books, that the writing would be bad or the books wouldn’t be good, but that wasn’t the case at all.  I was also surprised to find out that I was reading a BDSM erotica bundle.  Lol.  Guess I should read the synopsis sometimes before I take on a request.  But honestly, I thought it was a romance box set.  It’s okay though, I’m not anti-erotica.  I liked 50 Shades.  Anyways, I only read some of the books, so I’ll just do some quick reviews on the ones that I read.


The Billionaire’s Muse by Ava Lore

This was a great start to the set.  I was like, wow, if this is what all the books are going to be like, it’s going to be great!

Sadie accidentally breaks a very valuable vase at an auction.  This vase belongs to billionaire Malcolm Ward.  Sadie agrees to be his muse to pay him back for the vase.  Trouble is, Malcolm isn’t really sure what kind of artist he is, so he has to spend a lot of time with Sadie to find out.

This one started out great, Sadie is sarcastic and awesome.  During the beginning of the auction this thought goes through her head, “Me, I was just hoping for a fist fight to break out.” (location 95/14072 on kindle).  Hey, she made me laugh a lot. However, some of the sex scenes were a little weird for me.  Paint brushes shouldn’t go certain places.  Just saying.  And then I felt like the story stretched out a little too long and got a little off course as well.

Overall though, it was a good book.


The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop by Terry Towers

The billionaire, Gabriel, wants barista, Beth, to come be his housekeeper and chef.  I couldn’t get into this one; I got bored, didn’t finish it and went on to the next.


Yes, Mr. Collins by Anna Antonia

Mr. Collins is so demanding that he doesn’t keep a personal assistant for long, because no one meets his expectations.  That is until Natasha works for him.  Natasha starts the job so nervous because she knows what Mr. Collins is like.  But then, after she is getting physically sick from stress, she decides that she’s going to change her way of thinking and not be nervous anymore, but live up to the challenge.

This story was quick and decent.  It seemed to be shorter than the others.


Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt

Heidi is working in the fashion world, but not as she would like, which would be as a designer.  On the job setting up a photo shoot, she spills coffee on billionaire Warren Kaiser’s pants.  He spanks her and she likes it.  Heidi ends up working for him, and the punishments continue.

Yeah, I’m conflicted on this one.  It felt like borderline abuse.  Heidi liked it but, well, I didn’t!  Kaiser seemed so harsh to me, even at the end.  What kind of relationship is that, you know?


Gloria’s Secret by Nelle L’Amour

This is another one I just couldn’t finish.  I was bored, I couldn’t get into it.  Gloria is the owner of a lingerie company, (you get it right?  I hope so!)  Anyways here’s a little excerpt that caught my eye.

My right eye was blue; my left one brown.  I had a rare genetic condition known as heterochromia.  In press releases and on the Internet, both eyes appeared to be brown thanks to Photoshop.  But because I suffered from dry eye syndrome, I was unable to use contacts to conceal my idiosyncrasy the rest of the time. (location 7058/14072)

This is pure silliness!  Jane Seymour has different colored eyes, as does Kate Bosworth.  They don’t try to hide it and they’re actors not an owner of a lingerie shop!  Not only that, but I have one brown eye and one green eye myself so obviously I picked up on this.  Gloria must have some real issues for having her eyes photoshopped to be the same color.  I don’t know though cause like I said, I didn’t finish the book.


There are a few more stories that I didn’t list here; I didn’t read all of them.  So overall I would say that this is a good box set.  Not ‘avoid at all cost.’ Not ‘you need to read this now!’  But good, especially for the cheap prices that amazon tends to list it for.



My Rating for the whole set: 

3 out of 5 stars




*****I received this book free from one of the authors, Marian Tee, in exchange for an honest review.*****

Never Say Goodbye Spotlight & #Giveaway

Never Say Goodbye



**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18+**

Liv’s childhood best friend, who she’s been inseparable from her entire childhood, moves out of state. She’s devastated and forced to move on with her life without “her everything.”

Luckily, she finds a new best friend, Brynn. These two have been best friends for so long; they decide to attend the same college as roommates.

After things don’t turn out so well with a failed relationship, Liv chooses to forgo any romantic commitments. She’s in college after all, so why not enjoy being single and free?

Brynn however is in a happy relationship and wants nothing more than for her best friend to be in one too. As much as she tries to play matchmaker, Liv refuses to be tied down. Unfortunately, when it’s least expected, someone at school makes Liv’s world turn upside-down. As much as she doesn’t want him to affect her, he does.

To make matters worse, Brynn’s boyfriend knows more about Liv then he realizes and eventually he’s able to put the pieces of her past together.

When tragedy strikes, the past and the present collide, allowing secrets to come out and change everything.

Will friendships be torn and goodbye’s said or will they keep their promise and never say goodbye?


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I just look at him, shocked and speechless.  Here, I never once forgot about him and he looks like he can’t wait to get away from me. ME.

Before I say anything he starts talking, he lets out a frustrated sign, “Yes O, I do remember you, but that was a long time ago.  You don’t know me or anything about me now,” he states surprising me.

“Why are you being so rude?” I ask confused and hurt, because it’s been so long since I’ve heard him call me by the nickname O, the one he gave to me when we were kids. 

“I’m not, I just don’t want anything to do with you,” he says looking intently at me.

“Why not?” I can’t believe he’s being this mean, this guy, one I freaking would have done anything for, and here he is being rude and wants nothing to do with me.  What the hell did I do to him?

“Like I said, I’m not that stupid little boy anymore.  We know nothing about one another and I don’t want to know you.  Stay away from me,” he says harshly.

I feel like I want to cry, but I won’t do that in front of him.  Instead I look him dead in the eyes, “You grew up and became an a**hole,” and then I storm off towards the library, never looking back.

About the Author

T. Renee Fike is a born and raised country girl from Pennsylvania.  When T. Renee isn’t T R Fikewriting, she’s working her full-time day job, or pursuing her Master’s degree.  Aside from work and school, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading a good book, watching football, (GO EAGLES) or hanging out with her niece and nephew.



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Escaping Reality Review


Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Title:  Escaping Reality

Author:  Lisa Renee Jones

Published:  2013 by Julie Patra Publishing

Genre:  Romance, Suspense, Erotica

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Amy is at a work function when she is in the restroom.  She leaves the stall to find an envelope taped to the mirror.  She’s in danger and has to run, again.  She heads for a new life, with a new identity, and not for the first time.  Not that she’s happy about it, but she has no choice.  On the plane to her next destination, Amy meets Liam, a billionaire architect.  He takes a deep interest in her and the interest is reciprocated.  But anyone in Amy’s life is in danger and Liam will be too if she decides to pursue the relationship.

This book is such a ride and I didn’t want to get off.  I pulled out my kindle to look for any highlights for this review, but I must have been too involved in the story because I didn’t add any!

The book starts out as I previously stated, with Amy running.  From what, I still don’t know!  And the people behind the note telling her that she is in danger and has to run; still don’t know who they are!  Whoever they are, they set up Amy’s new life and identity for her.  Amy is wary of this, the fact that she doesn’t know them at all, but they’ve kept her safe in the past, so she follows their instructions.  She does get more bothered by the fact that she must be being watched after she runs this time though.

This book was seriously a great read.  However I wasn’t expecting it to be an erotica book, which is almost felt like it bordered on.   I actually could have done with less sex scenes, not that they were written bad, cause they weren’t, but the suspense part of the book was fantastic.

I’ve already put the next book in the series, Infinite Possibilities, on my to-be-read list.  And you will too if you read Escaping Reality because it’s a cliffhanger ending.




My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars




*****I received this book free from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.*****