The Empyrean Key – Review

Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

In Ardentia, a land carved by the Celestials and their magic, a great King lies dying.

Narcean soothsayer, Friziel Sunrender, has foreseen a shadow that threatens this already war-torn world, and whispers on the wind hint at the return of an ancient evil. To stave off this threat, he must call upon the halfbreed girl-child he banished years ago.

As a not-so-perceptive telepath and amateur scam-runner, Jahna Mornglow has filled the void left by an absent father, with the friendships of a bloodthirsty bar-maid and a bullied book-worm. Her mother, scarred by the racial prejudices of her past, refuses to nurture Jahna’s Narcean abilities of prophecy and telepathy, warning her of the hate beyond the safety of Groden Cove – a beachside safe haven for misfits and those who wish to be left alone.

When hidden enemies move their pieces into play as the King’s condition worsens; Jahna learns the true extent of her lineage, and is tasked with restoring a Celestial artifact known as The Empyrean Key. Jahna must now keep safe the world that has shunned and discarded her.

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The Empyrean Key, while fantasy, was a fast moving and easy going read.  I really enjoyed it.  The characters, the setting, the plot; everything about this book was unique.  And even though it is a fantasy book, I had no trouble following along.  (Sometimes in other fantasy worlds it’s hard to keep everything straight; not in this book.  Easy peasy.)

 The main character, Jahna, goes through some serious trials and tribulations and then finds out that she must go on a mission to save the world.  Her two best friends, Silko and Lilac accompany her on this mission.  The story kind of reminding me of Lord of the Rings. I can’t quite put my finger on why, except the fact that the characters are all so different, believable, and likeable (this is of course, a compliment!)

There were also multiple humorous times which made me laugh out loud, and a possible romantic interest appears as well, which I’m excited to learn more about.

I read this book quickly, and look forward to reading the next book in the series.  I’d definitely recommend!

My Rating:  4 Stars


Some of my favorite quotes:

Jahna felt a churning in her stomach, a cold shiver racing up her spine and she was struck by a horrible feeling that unsettled and scared her.

A feeling that things were about to change.


After all, even the slightest ripple in the ocean can create a mighty wave.


“Any problems?” she asked.

“Not a one,” Arn replied. “Like candy from a baby.”

Lilac gestured to the cuts on their faces. “Babies with knives?”


***I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.***

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