Trust Me? Review


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Image from Goodreads

Title:  Trust Me?

Author:  K.E. Osborn

Published:  2013 by Smashwords

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

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Jenifer works in an administrative position at an auto repair shop.  She is already having a not-so-perfect morning when she gets into a car accident.  Jeni lashes out at the man who rear ends her, gives him her information and then takes off to get to work.  Little does she know that the man she was in the accident with, Aiden, will bring his very expensive car to the auto shop she works at to get it fixed.  Aiden is fixated on getting a date with Jeni and doesn’t let up until she says yes.  Turns out he’s incredibly rich, and he and Jeni fall for one another.  But then Jeni learns that Aiden is being investigated for possible embezzlement, and her trust issues flare up.

This book just didn’t do it for me; amongst other things, it didn’t feel authentic.  I felt as if the story was told instead of shown.  And lots of things just didn’t even feel realistic including the characters.  It was just too forced.

We know that Jenifer has trust issues with guys, but I felt like it barely came up, and when it did she basically talked about it with her roommate; I didn’t feel it from her if that makes sense.

Aiden doesn’t have a great relationship with his father, but again it just seemed too fake, if you will.  So did the grandmother’s conversation with Jeni that happens after Aiden’s father is rude to her.  Nana says,

Darling, you look wonderful tonight.  I am sorry about my ignorant son.  He has become arrogant and downright mean over the years.  Unfortunately, Alistair has become like his own father.  Insults and intimidation seem to be his only way of communication.  It’s not how I would’ve liked him to turn out, but he is his father’s son.  Please take anything he says with a grain of salt, okay, dear?  (Location 2354 of 5657 on kindle)

I don’t know.  If someone said this to me I would think they were reading from a script rather than talking from their heart.

And Aiden’s personal assistant is fired at a family party (I won’t say why, I don’t want to give everything away) and Jeni is nominated to take the position, and does!  His PA is fired, and she decides she’ll take the job, in a total of four pages.  Again, not realistic.

And then, when conflict strikes, Jeni loses it.  I get it, it happens.  It just seemed way too dramatic to me that she would fall into a depression because of what happened instead of getting up and doing something about it.  (Can’t say more; again don’t want to give away the story).

And there were so many I love you love you love you, ahhhh!  I get it!  Show me, don’t tell me.

Although I have a lot of complaints, it was an okay book.  This story was a good idea, just not executed well. Overall I would not recommend.



My Rating:  2 out of 5 stars




*****I received this book free from the author, in exchange for an honest review.*****     

2 thoughts on “Trust Me? Review

  1. Hahahahaha. I am sorry that I am so amused with your annoyance, Pam. I can certainly relate. Oh heavens, how I hate books that does a lot of telling instead of showing. In addition, I also hate it when things suddenly get very convenient. Plot devices are really a bane to my reading career.

    Ah, I hope you next read will be better, Pam. Great review!

    I hope you and the family are having a good day. <3

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