Review: The Sabbath

Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Would you rather suffer for eternity, or die peacefully?

What if you had no choice?

The morning after witnessing a spectacular meteorite shower, Cory Shembo and his girlfriend Lana didn’t expect to wake up immortal.

News bulletins claim the meteorites have released a chemical compound called ATHENS which has caused mutations in the human race. The twisted outcome has left people unable to die but with an increased sensitivity to pain.

Now with the majority of food supplies contaminated, and the rich controlling what little is left, the desperate young couple are force to go on merciless food raids just to stave off the pain.

During which they accidentally discover a secret government device and find themselves caught up in a diabolical plot to control the future of humanity.

Realizing that there is more to ATHENS than what they were led to believe; Cory and Lana set out on a crusade to uncover the truth. Their journey will lead them into the darkest depths of humanity. If they can follow the trail, they may be able to find some answers.

But will the cost of knowing the truth be too much?

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Cory and Lana wake up immortal after experiencing something like a meteor shower in the sky. This part was really cool, so I’ll shush about the rest of it to avoid spoilers. The book soon jumps forward, and then the rest of the story is in post apocalyptic time.

Cory and Lana are pretty good at staying alive; they go on raids for food and water and their house is secure. Their relationship, however, has issues. Cory isn’t that open to Lana at all and she is starting to wonder if he really does still care for her in that way.

So this dystopian novel was pretty good, however, I felt as if there was too much tell and not enough show. Meaning, the characters emotions were definitely explained, but I just didn’t feel the personal connection. And connection is key to me when reading a book; I need to feel and care about the characters, or else, really, what’s the point of reading?

I also felt as though there was too much explaining. For example, the characters were about to do something important (don’t want to spoil anything) and they talked with detailed instructions. I don’t think the reader needs to know that the characters need to take a right here, and go down the hall there, etc. I just tended to skim over those parts.

So although it really was a good and unique story, my rating for The Sabbath is three stars. (Which still equals good on my scale!)



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***I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.***

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